Benefits of Healthy Markets

Healthy Markets will bring a healthy lifestyle and healthy foods closer to you by:

Providing access to locally grown or produced food:

  • Locally sourced fruits and vegetables can be picked closer to the peak of ripeness; they are fresher, tastier and have higher nutrition content.
  • Energy consumption and air pollution are reduced because locally produced food has not been trucked across the country and travels a shorter distance from farm to plate.

Supporting local farmers, and artisans:

  • The number of local farmers is declining.  Providing a market for farmers to sell directly to their neighbors allows the farmer to avoid middlemen and receive a fair wage for their product.

Promoting healthy living:

  • To be an active advocate of all health related issues and initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To add exposure to local medical and health provider efforts and to also improve the access of medical information and services to the local community.

Promoting a sense of community:

  • To actively support local entrepreneurs and to add visibility to each local business and artist who participates in Healthy Markets.
  • To improve overall community relations, by actively seeking the support of the local county municipal departments (i.e. Fire Department, Police Department, Energy Department, “Going Green” initiatives, etc.).

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