Get Ready! Healthy Markets has 2 Farmers’ Markets this year!

hm 2014 postcard

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you, but we are back this year with two markets! We have been busy! We have a new market …Healthy Markets  @ West County, brought to you in conjunction with UM BWMC which will be located each Thursday from 4pm – 7pm at the Van Bokkelen Elementary School, 1140 Reece Road, Severn Maryland! Join us for our Grand Opening on June 5, 2014!

And for those of you who like to shop on Saturday, don’t forget our original market, Healthy Markets @ BWMC which will be opening on June 7th, 2014 on the parking lot of the UM BWMC Executive Center located at 300 Hospital Drive, Glen Burnie, Maryland! 9am-1pm. Remember now you can visit Healthy Markets on Thursdays or Saturdays and if you like you have the opportunity to purchase from our artisans and farmers on two days each week!

On Thursdays, our scheduled vendors will be:

  • Ain’t Shea Sweet Skincare-Homemade 100% vegan cruelty-free skin care lotion bars.
  • Copper Penny Farm-Pork, beef, lamb and eggs from animals that have been humanely raised on pasture.
  • Diveley’s Fruit Farm and Vegetables-Fifth generation farmers with a full array of fruits and vegetables.
  • Frost Arrow Farm-Certified Organic Farm fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Hope on Soap-Organic and natural bath and body products, to include lotion sticks, natural deodorants, organic soap and solid perfume.
  • Let’s Roll Cakes-Homemade breads and cake rolls, using seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • The Dancing Herbalist – Herbal products to include teas, seasonings, lotions, extracts, and salves.
  • Whim Pop-Frozen fruit pops integrating flavors of the world in a healthy, fresh and cool environment.

On Saturdays, our scheduled vendors are:

  • Ability by Alyssa – Handmade Jewelry by Alyssa Luberto
  • Copper Penny Farm– Humanely raised beef, pork, lamb and eggs.
  • Diveley’s Fruit Farm & Vegetables-Fifth generation farmer with full array of fruits and vegetables
  • Essential Reign Naturals & Organic– Family owned and operated manufacturer of handcrafted soaps, cremes, candles, sponges and cosmetics.
  • Fisher’s Famous-Mustards, featuring Crab House Mustard (come find out what it is!)
  • Happy Hens’ Barnyard c/o God’s Country Harvest, Inc.-Family owned farm.  Our goal is to produce a healthy and tasty egg and bird by providing a happy atmosphere.
  • Hope on Soap-Organic and Natural Bath and Body Products
  • Platinum Jewelry By: Crystal B-Hand crafted jewelry for girls and women of any age by Crystal Burrell.
  • Let’s Roll Cakes-Homemade breads and cake rolls using seasonal and organic ingredients
  • Maryland Insurance Administration-We are a state agency that regulates the insurance industry in Maryland. Our primary function is to educate Maryland consumers about our agency and how we serve them.
  • Nature’s Kiss Organics, LLC– We grow organically a variety of vegetables using a mix of hydroponics and aquaculture.
  • Sweet Dream Cupcakes by J-Home baked cupcakes (also gluten-free and sugar-free) with 10 flavors to choose from.










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